Arrival to São Paulo

By plane

Highway System in São Paulo São Paulo Photo Gallery

By far, the most convenient way to arrive to the gigantic city and begin studying Portuguese in São Paulo is to travel by airplane to the Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). Flying to São Paulo is easy and customs and immigration are handled within the airport. Our school is about 35 minutes from the airport and we offer the convenient option of booking a secure airport pickup service. Alternatively, a taxi can also be hired at the airport to bring you to our language school in São Paulo or your accommodations. Taxis should be booked in a kiosk at the airport, not with the individual driver.

By bus

Bus System in São Paulo São Paulo Photo Gallery

If traveling from another city in Brazil or a nearby international destination, bus travel to São Paulo is an alternative, albeit a much slower one to flying. Most buses from outside the state of São Paulo, including international buses, arrive to the Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê, one of the largest terminals in the world. From the Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê, a taxi can be hired to bring you directly to your accommodation. The school is only about 20 minutes away.

Transportation within São Paulo

A variety of transportation within São Paulo is easily accessible from our school! We’re located about one minute away from bus and taxi stops, and about 5 blocks away from the closest metro stop. The best way to take advantage of public transportation in São Paulo is through the use of the Bilhete Único, a payment card that works for both the metro and bus systems.

Metro System in São Paulo São Paulo Photo Gallery


The São Paulo metro system is by far the most efficient way to get around and explore the city. Located 5 blocks away from our school, it offers rapid access to many interesting destinations within the city. If not using the Bilhete Único, single-trip metro tickets can be purchased within the metro stations.


The São Paulo bus system is easily accessible from our Portuguese language school, with the closest stop being only one minute away. The flexibility of the Bilhete Único card allows you to travel between the São Paulo metro and bus systems on one single transaction, allowing access to destinations not directly on the metro lines.


The Streets of São Paulo São Paulo Photo Gallery

Taxis in São Paulo are generally considered to be safe and are highly recommended for travel at night. There are three types of taxis; standard hail-type taxis, radio taxis, and unregistered taxis. Unregistered taxis are not recommended. Taking a radio taxi from a taxi stand is the safest option. From our language school in São Paulo, the closest taxi stand is only 1 minute away. Plan to pay with cash, as paying for a taxi with a credit card is not common. It is a good idea to always ask about the price beforehand, as some unscrupulous drivers may try to take advantage of tourists.

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