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Bohemian urban jungle

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Bogotá, the third highest city of Latin America (after la Paz and Quito), located 2,640 meters above sea level, has an appropriate motto: “Bogotá, 2,600 meters closer to the stars”. The third largest city of Latin America is literally on the rise. Once a place considered to be unsafe, the city has cleaned up, improved its infrastructure and security and has become a culturally thriving and economically attractive metropolis. With almost nine million inhabitants it is one of the largest cities in Latin America - and still growing. Learn Spanish in Bogotá and discover its greatness
and diversity!

Bogotá Study Spanish in Bogotá (Columbia)

  • Bogotá InhabitantsInhabitants: 8.9 Mil
  • Bogotá LocationLocation: 2,625m above sea
  • Bogotá TemperatureTemp: 19.5°C (Jan), 18.3°C (Jul)
  • Bogotá TimezoneTimezone: UTC-5
  • Bogotá CurrencyCurrency: Colombian Peso (COP)
  • Bogotá CountryCountry: Colombia

Cultural hub

Up on the Cerro de Monserrate you can oversee Bogotá’s vast infrastructure. The city consists of various sectors, each with unique characteristics. Bogotá is a diverse city with many different faces: green, Spanish History in Bogotá Bogotá Photo Gallery bicycle friendly side streets, intertwine with hectic avenues packed with traffic. The prosperous northern and centric part of the city contrasts the shanty towns in the southern parts, crossing the barriers of rich and poor. Study Spanish in Bogotá and experience one of the most culturally diverse cities. Trendy bars and art galleries are frequented by trendy Bogotanos in the artsy neighborhood of La Macarena. In La Candelaria, museums are clustered in the historical and colonial district, which is located close to our Spanish school in Bogotá.

Subtropical highland

Explore Spanish in Bogotá Bogotá Photo Gallery

Because of its high location within a tropical region, the Colombian capital possesses a so called “subtropical highland climate”. The average temperature is 18˚C/64.4˚F all year round, dropping down to 5˚C/41˚F at night and reach up to 20˚C/68˚F during the day. The driest months are December, January, July and August. Most rain falls in April and October. Despite the constant temperatures, various seasons can occur within one day: a perfectly sunny morning can be followed by a rainy afternoon, and vice versa.

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Learn Spanish in Bogotá