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Cultural activities of all sorts are included in all programs, twice per week. For the students that want to discover the wonders of the Amazon River and the rainforest, our school offers many adventurous excursions. Full day activities and weekend excursions in Leticia are announced on a weekly basis.

Culture activities

Culture activities in Leticia are included for free in all programs (sometimes, depending on the activity, a small fee is asked). They complement the Leticia language classes, allowing you to practice your Spanish in everyday situations and to learn about Colombian nature and culture. Activities include cooking classes, Amazonian handcraft, watching Latin American movies, and local visits, and vary on a weekly basis.

Full day activities

Full day activities (prices not included) in and around Leticia include trips by boat on the Amazon River, visits to local communities, and walking tours in natural reserves. All trips include land and water transportation, bilingual guides, refreshments, entrance fees and lunch (not included in excursions less than 6 hours):

  • Amacayacu natural reserve – Puerto Nariño – Tarapoto lake (Duration: 8 hours)
  • Amazonian Tribes & Monkey Island (Duration: 8 hours)
  • Docel – Tanimboca (Duration: 8 hours): tree climbing with alpine gear in treetops up to 35 meters
  • Caiman Observation in their natural habitat (Duration: 4 hours)
  • Kayak trip to Yahuarcaca Lakes (Duration: 4 hours)
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Weekend excursions

On a weekend excursion (prices not included) you will immerse into the rainforest, and its intense colors and sounds. A professional guide will accompany you in the natural parks and give explanations. Meals and transportation are included, and a minimum of two people is required. Weekend trips in Leticia include:

  • Weekend at a natural reserve in Peru, with 1 night’s lodging and transport via the river
  • Weekend at a natural reserve in Colombia with 1 night’s lodging and transport via land
  • Bird watching weekend in Colombia, including 1 night’s lodging and transport via land

More things to do

  • A snake-watching trip to the Serpentario Nacional Amero
  • 3-day boat trip to Manaus (Brazil) over the Amazon river

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