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Activities in Santo Domingo

The energy of Santo Domingo will call to you from the streets, the cafes, the exciting nightlife, or from a soccer field. It's hard to be bored in a place where action and activity are around every corner. Our Santo Domingo language school provides an updated calendar of activities offered during "free time" as well as optional excursions to enjoy during your stay. Feel the spirit of this island place by filling your time with its Caribbean vibe!

Restless Wonder

While taking a break from your Santo Domingo Spanish classes, enjoy the exciting variety of activities planned by or supported by the school. From cooking to sports, the Dominican life is waiting for you to jump in and participate! Some of the activities that are offered include:

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  • Walking excursion – Practice your new language skills while gaining important historical and cultural knowledge all while moving your body in the warm Caribbean sun!
  • Sporting fun – Interested in gathering a group for some outdoor activity? The school can help arrange a variety of sport activities to keep your blood pumping.
  • Flamenco Dance Show – Get to know this sultry and specialized dance style with a show just for you. With enough courage maybe you will pick up a few steps along the way.
  • Dinner Party – Revel in the quintessential cooking of Santo Domingo with this tantalizing dinner party highlighting some of the special dishes of this vibrant country.
  • A Night at the Movies – A trek to the local cinema gives you a personal peek into ordinary Santo Domingo life, all while ramping up your new language skills. How do you say “large popcorn” in Spanish? Now you'll know!


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The Dominican Republic is full of treasures for you to discover. Be sure to take a break from your language study to explore some of these options:

  • Boca Chica – Only thirty minutes from city you can find yourself walking along one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Taking a leisurely stroll in the rays of the sun while letting the tropical breeze wash over you is exactly what the doctor ordered. Easily accessible through public transportation, you can't miss some beach bumming while studying at our Santo Domingo language school.
  • A Weekend Getaway – Do you want to know more about the Dominican Republic outside of Santo Domingo? Let the school help you plan an excursion that takes you out of the action of the big city and into some of the quieter parts of this vacation place. There's a wide variety of options to choose from including one or two day trips. Take part in a night tour, a trip to Samana Bay, a Jeep Safari, an excursion to visit a lake full of crocodiles at Lago Enriquillo, a boat excursion down the Rio San Juan, La Grota Azul Santo Domingo Photo Gallery or a visit to the Cri-Cri Lagoon.

    During the months of February and March you have the opportunity to enjoy whale watching! Get up close and personal while these majestic creatures nurture their young for the long route to the Antarctic. But if land animals are more your cup of tea, you can choose to travel up to the top of the highest mountain in the Caribbean on the back of a donkey! This day and a half trek has you staying the night under the stars while your anticipation grows over the amazing vistas that await you.

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