Learn Spanish in Santo Domingo

To learn Spanish in Santo Domingo is to walk in the footsteps of one of history's most notorious colonizers. First discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 he dismantled the Santa Maria to build a fort and begin a settlement. He returned to find all that he had left destroyed. What he thought to be an abundant island of resources with friendly indigenous, turned out to be a harder battle to win. But that he did.

Santo Domingo Study Spanish in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

  • Santo Domingo InhabitantsInhabitants: 1.48 millon
  • Santo Domingo LocationLocation: Tropical Paradise
  • Santo Domingo TemperatureTemp: 29.2°C (Jan), 31.3°C (Jul)
Learn Spanish in Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Photo Gallery

A View of the New World

When you study Spanish in Santo Domingo you can visit this legacy through a tour of the first cathedral, hospital, and university of the America's. These structures are all named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and studying Spanish in Santo Domingo lets you peek into this period of tumultuous history.

A Walk in the Sun

A short distance from the Santo Domingo Spanish school, just outside of the city limits, you can live the full Caribbean life by exploring one of the many famous beaches of the Dominican Republic. While taking a break from your Santo Domingo Spanish studies, you can head to the closest beach, Boca Chica, only 30 minutes by bus, to catch some rays. For a longer trek and a different kind of cultural experience you can make your way to Cabarete where you can enjoy one of the top destinations for wind and kitesurfing! Study Spanish in Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Photo Gallery Practicing your new language skills from your Santo Domingo Spanish study while riding the waves creates a perfect learning vacation!

A Heartbreaking Song and Dance

While packing for your Santo Domingo Spanish study be sure to remember your dancing shoes. The Santo Domingo Spanish school is just down the street from places where you can enjoy some of the native clubs of the famous Bachata music and dance. This sultry sound is a mix of Latin rhythms and African beats, often relaying tales of heartbreak. But the dance is intoxicating if not overtly sensual. While studying in your Santo Domingo Spanish class be sure to learn how to say, "May I have this dance?" and learn first-hand the experience of this D.R. tradition. Learning Spanish is Santo Domingo will get your feet moving and your heart rate up!

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Learn Spanish in Santo Domingo