Activities in Puerto Vallarta

When studying Spanish in Puerto Vallarta choose from a range of free activities hosted by the school, outdoors activities and excursions!

School Activities

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Our Spanish school in Puerto Vallarta plans free weekly activities that all students are invited to participate in. The activities are related to Mexican culture and the traditions of Puerto Vallarta. They are a great place to practice your Spanish and to get to know your classmates:

  • Salsa Lessons in the school café on Thursday afternoons.
  • Cook traditional Mexican dishes during cooking class on Tuesday afternoons.
  • Mexico has a large film industry – watch a film once a week at the school!
  • Try out bars and restaurants with your fellow Spanish students during Café Social on Wednesday nights.

Beach Activities

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The beach in Puerto Vallarta is a great place to sunbathe and relax and a popular spot to do sports. The Bahia de Banderas is perfect for all kinds of water activities.

  • Take a water taxi to Los Arcos National Park and do some diving and snorkeling.
  • Windsurfing and Kite Surfing in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Take deep sea fishing lesson allowing you to venture deep into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Jump on a Sailboat and enjoy a calm and relaxing day of sailing in the vast Pacific Ocean.

Mountain Activities

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The beautiful mountains in Puerto Vallarta are covered in green forests filled with interesting flora and fauna. These mountains have exciting activities to keep you entertained in between classes!

  • Take a hike up the mountains and get amazing views of the colonial architecture and beautiful bay.
  • Do canopy in the tropical forests and get the thrill of flying through the tropical abyss.
  • Explore breathtaking waterfalls after taking a short walk.


Our school also organizes day or weekend excursions for an extra fee. Excursions range in destinations so keep your eyes open for one that suits you!

  • Go whale and dolphin watching in the Pacific Ocean and have a day you will never forget.
  • Take a five-hour drive to Guadalajara or explore Tequila Town for the weekend.

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