Arrival to Cadiz

By Plane

The closest major airport to the Ailola Latino language school in Cádiz is located in Jerez de la Frontera (XRY). It is a small, modern airport located about 31 km Northeast of Cádiz. It has a single terminal used for arrivals and departures located on the ground floor.

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Once you land in Jerez, you exit your plane, walk across the tarmac, and begin the next leg of your journey. You can reach the heart of Cádiz in about 45 minutes by taxi or using the pick up service. If you travel by bus or train, it will take about an hour and a half.

Regarding the Jerez airport, a majority of visitors arrive from Germany, the UK, or domestic flights. If you are coming from a different country, expect a layover before your arrival to Jerez. If you depart from the East Coast of the US, expect a 10 to 12 hour flight, including your layover.

Take a Train to Cádiz

In Europe, trains are the way to travel. The interconnected railway system allows you to travel from London, Madrid, Paris, or any other major European city to Cádiz. You can easily find a railway ticket from any city on

The train from Madrid to Cádiz is about a four and a half hour ride with multiple departure times. One of the most appealing aspects of the train is that it departs and drops you off in the heart of any city.

By Boat to Cádiz

The port city is at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and almost completely surrounded by water. This permits the arrival to Cádiz by boat incredibly easy and common. There are frequent commuter ferries arriving from Rota and El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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This method of travel allows you to avoid the congested traffic that is funneled toward the long slender slice of land that is Cádiz. You can find fairs and routes at

By Bus

Another method of traveling between cities and countries in Europe is by bus. The bus system is reliable, less expensive and will drop you off in the center of the city. On the other hand, it is often more time consuming. Also, it tends to be more difficult to find direct connections to Cádiz. A bus from Madrid to Cádiz is approximately 8 hours.

By Car

The road system in Spain is well developed and a popular way to travel. Spanish roads that begin with “AP” are toll roads, which are considerably less busy than the toll-free roads. The minimum age to rent a car in Spain is usually 21 or 25. You must have had valid drivers license for one year and provide a credit card.

Transportation in Cádiz

By Bus

Getting around Cádiz by bus is the cheapest and most common method. There are 5 bus routes that tour around the entire town. The bus routes are designed to go in a loop, starting and finishing in the old and new parts of Cádiz. The most central routes are the number 1 and number 2. These routes go right through the center of the old town, ending at the stadium.

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The number 7, a very important route, follows the coastline and travels between the two most common beaches.

By Taxi

Within the City of Cádiz, Taxis are very common and widely available. They are always metered and a give you a great chance to practice your Spanish because most drivers have very limited English. It is extremely helpful to know where you are going in Spanish.

By Foot

The compact port city of Cádiz is ideal for walking. Some visitors claim it is the best way to see the city. Traffic is heavy along the perimeter of the city, but the constricted, inner streets have very little automotive commotion. The small, narrow streets allow you to wander through the city in awe. The best part is, if you get lost, sooner or later you will stumble upon the vast ocean and regain your coordinates.

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