Recreational Activities in Salamanca

While taking a break from your Salamanca Spanish course you can wander through this historic city, finding action and adventure around every corner. With so much fun to choose from you will have to make time to relax in the plaza and watch this Spanish city go by. Whether you choose a formal excursion an adventure on your own, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained and your Spanish skills fresh!

To Keep You Moving

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The Salamanca Spanish school is not only committed to improving your language skills, but to also ensure that you have the fullest cultural experience while visiting their special city. The school organizes many activities through the week for you to enjoy including:

• Welcome Party- A party of smiles and Sangria, come meet some of the “old-timer” students who have been studying for a week, or so, and get comfortable in this friendly social event.

• Tapas Workshop- Learn how to make some delectable tapas treats during one of our workshops. Always featuring a simple and more complex recipe, you will return home with a new food repertoire.

• Wine Tasting- Want to improve your knowledge of vino? Come taste a variety of Spanish wines, learn some fun facts, and even play a round of wine trivia. Just don't come on an empty stomach!

• Tuesday Surprise!- Sometimes it's just nice to be surprised after a long day of foreign language learning. Let us energize you with an inspired treat.

Beyond the Borders

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Exploring the culture and countryside are as much a part of the experience as your Salamanca Spanish course. Let us share with you some of our favorite places, which highlight the natural beauty, the rich heritage, and the kindness of the Spanish people. Wander, hike, kayak, or just sit in wonder among the high peaks of the Sierra de Francia mountains. An excursion ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors, there are plenty of activities to take you out of the city and connect you with Mother Nature.

Take a trip to Segovia, Spain and view structures dating back to the Roman period. Linger along the Calle Juan Bravo along with the locals. Take in a coffee between visits of a Roman aquaduct, Spain's last Gothic built cathedral, or the Alcázar castle- a fantasy-like structure that has served as a palace, prison, and now a modern-day museum.

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