Arrival to Toledo

By Plane

By far, the most convenient way to arrive to Toledo is to first arrive via airplane at the Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD). Flying to Madrid is easy and customs and immigration are handled within the airport. After arriving in Madrid, there are several options for how to travel to the city of Toledo. The options include travel by train, bus, or a rental car.

By Train

Traveling from Madrid by train is the quickest option. Many trains to Toledo depart from the Atocha Railway Station from morning to night during the week and weekends. Travel is via high-speed train and the duration of the trip is around 30 minutes.

To reach the Atocha train station from the airport, there are several options. The simplest method is to take a taxi or shuttle from the airport. The other option is to take one of the urban trains (cercanias) directly from the station at airport terminal 4.

By Bus

Getting to Toledo by bus Toledo Photo Gallery

Bus travel to Toledo is a lower-cost alternative to taking the high speed train, but travel time is roughly doubled. To arrive at the bus terminal, the most cost-effective method is via Madrid’s metro system, first taking Line 8 from the airport, transferring to Line 6 at Nuevos Ministerios, and then exiting at Plaza Elíptica, where the bus station is located.

By Car

Public transport in Spain is sufficiently widespread to not require renting a car to arrive to Toledo, but it is an option. From Madrid, Autopista 42 is the most direct highway to use to drive to Toledo. Cars can be rented from a number of rental agencies located within the Madrid airport. If staying at a hotel, be sure to inquire about space for parking, as many streets in Toledo are narrow and weren’t designed to handle car traffic.

Transportation in Toledo

A great feature of Toledo is that most people won’t need any kind of vehicular transportation within Toledo! From our school, nearly all of Toledo is easily accessible by foot. The only reason most people take advantage of public transportation in Toledo is to travel to suburban areas or to leave the city.

Walking around Toledo Toledo Photo Gallery

By Bus

The Toledo bus that our students are most likely to take, Number 5, connects the bus terminal with Toledo’s Plaza Zocodover, located only a few minutes from our school. Taking the bus is easy and it runs every 15 minutes.

In addition to the public buses, there is a touristic ‘train’ that winds its way through the streets of Toledo with pre-recorded guided information regarding the sights.

By Taxi

Although easily accessible by foot, there are a fair number of Taxis in Toledo and for convenience they can be used to arrive at our school from the train station or bus station.

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