Activities in Valencia

Valencia has a stunning beach and breath taking architecture from every decade. Also, the Valencia language school organizes an array of great activities for you to enjoy while also practicing your language skills.

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Paella Party

Valencia is the birthplace of the delicious traditional dish: Paella. Every Monday night the school hosts a Paella Party for everyone, teachers and students. The event is aimed at newcomers but the overall goal is for everyone to mingle and get to know one another while enjoying a delicious typical meal.


Our school understands the importance of knowing your way around a new city. That is why every Monday afternoon new students are invited to take part in a city center tour. It is free of cost and will take you around the city center and its impressive sights. The idea is for you to get to know the area you will be studying in so you have the freedom to explore it on your own.

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Language Exchange

As conversation is a central factor in our schools methodology, you have the option of attending a language exchange on Tuesday afternoons. During this activity you will be able to converse with native Spanish students and continue practicing your language skills.

Cultural Classes

Watch a Spanish film or learn more about the culture of Spain and Valencia in this weekly culture class. This class is free of charge and available for all students. The culture lessons are a great and entertaining way to learn more about the colorful culture of the third largest city in Spain.

Cooking Class

Enjoy a weekly cooking class on Wednesdays and learn how to cook tasty Valencian cuisine. This free activity is external to the cooking course that our school offers with the famous Chef Nando.


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In a city with constant sunshine it is no wonder that sports are very popular. Our school offers a range of sports activities that students can take part in while taking a Spanish course with us.

Buy a two-week pass to the gym and you will have access to all the equipment and classes from 07:30 am until 10:00 pm.


Tennis is a popular sport in Valencia; the city is also home to many professional players. The tennis club has a great team of coaches and teachers. The school is located only a few minutes away from the school in the city center, surrounded by gardens and beautiful grounds. The club also has a pool that you can use for a small fee during the summer.

Horseback Riding

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If you would like to take horseback riding classes while attending a Spanish course at our school, we can help you organize them. For an extra fee, that includes health insurance, you can horseback ride at the Equestrian Club of Valencia. Classes are available for all levels though beginners will start with theoretical and practical classes in small groups.

Flamenco Guitar

When you think of Spain you most probably think of the beautifully seductive sounds of the Flamenco guitar. Why not complement your Spanish course in Valencia by taking these extra Flamenco Guitar lessons. You will have a private teacher and you will be provided with the guitar for the lesson as well.

Excursions and Weekends

Apart from all the activities that our school organizes on campus and in the neighborhood, there are a variety of different excursions that can be taken in and outside of Valencia. Trips are open to all students, after paying an extra fee. Day excursions are planned to nearby towns including trips to Albufera National Park. Our school even organizes weekend trips to Barcelona and Madrid.

Valencia is a very lively city and there is so much to do on the weekend. Our school makes sure that you know all about concerts, festivals and parties taking place on the weekends and during the summer.

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