License Terms for the Use of
Trademarks and Content

Trademarks and content such as logos, photographs, illustrations, animations, videos, recordings, screensavers, wallpaper, and other media content provided by Ailola Latino are integral components of the Ailola Latino corporate identity. As important capital and intellectual property, they are particularly worthy of protection with respect to usage and distribution. Ailola Latino's company value is directly brought into context with its trademarks and content.

In order to maintain Ailola Latino's positive outward impression and high standard for quality, it is necessary that content users observe and adhere to the following legally binding general terms:

1. Introduction

This agreement governs the terms on which you are entitled by right to use relevant content under legal license, particularly copyrighted material such as photographs. This agreement concerning the use of content goes into effect between you and Ailola Latino. Ailola Latino grants you usage rights to this content according to the following terms.

2. Licensing rights

For purposes of press and advertising and for private purposes, Ailola Latino grants you a geographically unlimited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and revocable license for nonpaid use of the content released for this purpose at any one time, so long as no other usage restrictions are indicated.

You may not sublicense, lease, sell, transfer, duplicate, modify, or adapt this content; use it as a basis for the creation of your own work; or use it in any manner other than as specified in this agreement; or allow a third party to do the same.

Undesired changes include but are not limited to, any alteration of the appearance or composition of content, including but not limited to the cropping, modification or removal of the Notice of Copyright on trademarks and content. Modifications require consent from Ailola Latino.

All trademarks and content are not to be represented in a racist, pornographic, discriminatory, insulting, radically political, extremist, or otherwise morally objectionable context, nor in a context that glorifies violence or endangers young people.

3. Licensee obligations

You undertake to use this content solely for the identification and benefit of Ailola Latino, and not to use it in conjunction with other trademarks, content, words, symbols, letters or shapes which could lead to conflation with Ailola Latino trademarks and content. You are permitted to use Ailola Latino trademarks and content with other trademarks and names that are sufficiently distinguished as to avoid confusion.

As a partner, you support Ailola Latino in monitoring the quality of its documents containing this content. You will provide at your own expense a representative template of the intended use for approval and review if Ailola Latino should demand so.

4. Basic requirements

Ailola Latino trademarks and logos must be located in the highlighted position and must stand alone. The trademarks and logos may not be connected with other graphic elements, stand on a heavily contrasted background, or feature a visible edge. The Ailola Latino Brand Usage Guidelines govern the use of Ailola Latino trademarks and logos.

The use of trademarks and content must clearly indicate that you are an independent legal entity and not a part of Ailola Latino. It must be guaranteed in all cases that the visual affiliation between Ailola Latino and yourself makes clear the mutual independence of both entities. You may not use the trademarks and content in a manner that expresses or implies the association, support, approval or consent of Ailola Latino in such a way as to deviate from this agreement. You are not permitted to transfer the trademarks and content in a manner that leads to the assumption that your products and services are those of Ailola Latino or that Ailola Latino represents a part of your name, products or services.

5. Intellectual property protection

This agreement applies to the protected trademarks and the intellectual property of Ailola Latino. Ailola Latino trademarks and content must be used in accordance with the following points:

  • Ailola Latino trademarks and logos may not be contained in another brand name, company name, product and service name, logo, business relationship, design, domain name or trademark other than Ailola Latino. You may use trademarks and logos only in the form in which they are provided by Ailola Latino.
  • Use the registered trademark symbol ("®") in the upper right-hand corner or on the baseline directly after the registered trademark. Example: "Ailola® Latino"
  • Wherever possible, add the following note to materials in which registered trademarks are mentioned. Example: "Ailola is a registered trademark."
  • Wherever possible, supplement copyright-protected content with the corresponding Notice of Copyright with a link to the Ailola Latino Website. Example: "© 2012 Ailola Latino –"

6. Property rights

You confirm that you have no further interest in the trademarks and content beyond the rights that are addressed in this agreement, and that Ailola Latino or its licensor are the sole and exclusive owners of all rights, titles and shares in the trademarks and content.

You declare your consent to use the trademarks and content only for the benefit of Ailola Latino. No additional rights or share in the trademarks and content arise from the usage of trademarks and content in your favor beyond the usage rights according to this agreement. You recognize Ailola Latino's rights to ownership of the trademarks and content and you will not oppose them.

You will not undertake any endeavor which compromises Ailola Latino's property or rights to trademarks and content. You are prohibited from registering the trademarks and content under any jurisdiction, or using any trademarks or names sufficiently similar to these trademarks or content as to confuse. Ailola Latino has the sole right to file legal action concerning the trademarks and content at its own discretion.

7. Termination

Ailola Latino can terminate this agreement for the period of one month without providing a reason. The termination must be in writing. After termination of the agreement, you may no longer use trademarks and content. Upon expiry or termination of the agreement, all unpublished copies of the trademarks and content must be immediately destroyed. In the event that you did not cause the termination via an infringement of rights, you may exhaust the materials and documents bearing the trademarks and content in accordance with this agreement within a period of 90 days after the termination of the agreement.

8. Final clause

This agreement is subject to German Law, and the International Privacy Rights and the Sales Law of the United Nations, having been adopted into German law, are hereby excluded.

For clients who are merchants under German Commercial Code, or are special funds or legal persons under public law, Bonn is the sole court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from these License Terms.

This the 1st day of June, 2012.

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